Open Ninth

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Episode 21 of Open Ninth - Women in Robes
Episode 21

Women in Robes


Judge Blackwell and Judge Clark each discuss the challenges and hurdles of being one of thirty-two female Judges in the Ninth Judicial Circuit.

Episode 20 of Open NInth - Problem Solving Courts:  Turning Lives Around
Episode 20

Problem Solving Courts: Turning Lives Around


Circuit Court Judge Reginald Whitehead discusses the positive impact of the Ninth Circuit's Problem Solving Courts Division.

Episode 19 of Open Ninth - K9th Program….Everyone’s Best Friend
Episode 19

K9th Program….Everyone’s Best Friend


Judge Lauten talks with Joanne Rittenhouse and Cindy Frongello about the Ninth Circuit's innovative K9th program and the extaordinary therapy dogs.

Episode 18 of Open Ninth - Chief Judges' Corner
Episode 18

Chief Judges' Corner


Chief Judges from the 9th and 18th Judicial Circuit Courts of Florida share some of their experiences and challenges of serving as Chief Judge.

Episode 17 - The Bar is Open
Episode 17

The Bar is Open


Wiley Boston discusses his tenure and initiatives as the President of the Orange County Bar Association

Episode 16 of Open Ninth - It's Miller Time:  Talking Inside the Courts
Episode 16

It's Miller Time: Talking Inside the Courts


In 1996, Judge Miller took an innovative community outreach program and made it a reality. He discusses the highly successsful "Inside the Courts."

Episode 15 of Open Ninth - Born in 100 Fires (Cienfuegos)
Episode 15

Born in 100 Fires (Cienfuegos)


Judge Jose Rodriguez grew up in Cuba during Fidel Castro’s rise to power. His family fled the island as political refugees when he was nine years old.

Episode 14 of Open NInth - A Reporter's Perspective
Episode 14

A Reporter's Perspective


Kerry Sanders, a Peabody Journalism and Emmy Award winner, provides listeners with a behind-the-scenes look at the changing role of the media.

Episode 13 of Open Ninth - The 24 x 7 Judge
Episode 13

The 24 x 7 Judge


Judge Munyon discusses emergency duty and the 24 hour a day responsibilities of being on-call.

Episode 12 of Open Ninth - Love Crosses All Boundaries
Episode 12

Love Crosses All Boundaries


Judge Latimore will preside over this year's National Adopation Ceremony. During this podcast, she discusses the great need and rewards of adoption.