Open Ninth

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Episode 30

Channel 9th: Severe Weather


Chief Judge Lauten and WFTV 9 (ABC) Chief Meteorologist Tom Terry discuss hurricanes and their potential impact on Central Florida.

Episode 29

My Name is Intern


Star Interns, Lauren Edmonds and Kingman Keating, discuss their experiences working for the Ninth Circuit before heading back to campus.

Episode 28

Judges on Film


The Ninth Circuit's designated movie critics, Judges Lauten, Marques, and Egan, review a few of the most popular all-time legal movies - Part I

Episode 27

9 to 5


Fifth District Court of Appeal Chief Judge Jay Cohen shares and contrasts his experience as a Trial Court Judge and as an Appellate Court Judge.

Episode 26

Let's Do Justice!


Circuit Judge Marc L. Lubet, a veteran of the Orlando law scene, talks about his over 40 years of experience serving the Florida community.

Episode 25

Pine Hills Proud


Judge Laurent shares her inspirational journey from her proud roots in Pine Hills to becoming the Circuit's first Hispanic female Orange County Judge.

Episode 24

Hidden in Plain Sight: Battling Bias


National expert Joseph Sawyer discusses the impact of explicit and implicit bias on society and the judicial system

Episode 23

A Life Well Served


Justice Lawson openly talks about his experiences working as a trial and appellate judge and his journey to becoming a Florida Supreme Court Justice.

Episode 22



Judge Myers talks soccer, what it was like playing soccer for Emory University, and the growing impact of professional soccer in the Orlando area.

Episode 21

Women in Robes


Judge Blackwell and Judge Clark each discuss the challenges and hurdles of being one of thirty-two female Judges in the Ninth Judicial Circuit.