Open Ninth

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Open Ninth Podcast - Episode 91
Episode 91

Re-Release: The Shooter, The Victims, The Aftermath


On January 10, 1984, Thomas Provenzano walked into the Orange County Courthouse with shotgun in hand. The events that followed changed lives and the

Open Ninth Episode 89 - Autonomous Vehicles
Episode 89

Autonomous Vehicles


Disrupting Commutes, Communities, and Courts

Open Ninth - Episode 88
Episode 88
Open Ninth - Episode 86 - Dr. Frederick Lederer
Episode 86

Taking IT to Trial


Courtroom Technology in the 21st Century

Open Ninth Podcast - Episode 85
Episode 85

The OCBA, The Community, and You


A chat with OCBA’s new Executive Director, Jenny Brown

Open Ninth Episode 84
Episode 84

Survivor: Overcoming Obstacles


The conquering of weaknesses, social niceties, remote island living and fierce competition

Open Ninth Podcast - Episode 83
Episode 83

Land of Opportunity


Immigration, Education, and Mentorship

Open Ninth Podcast - Episode 82 - Lessons from Hurricane Michael
Episode 82