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Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.
Open Ninth Episode 105 - An Appealing Path to the Bench
Episode 105

An Appealing Path to the Bench

7/27/2020   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Law School, the Courts of Appeal, and Circuit Civil

Open Ninth Podcast - Episode 104
Episode 104

Breaking Barriers

7/13/2020   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Determination, Drive and Diversity

Open Ninth Podcast - Episode 103
Episode 103

In My Honest Opinion

6/29/2020   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Connecting the Dots in Central Florida Communities and Courts

Open NInth Podcast - Episode 102
Episode 102
Episode 99 of the Open Ninth Podcast
Episode 99
Open NInth - Episode 98
Episode 98

A False Sense of Security

4/20/2020   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Threat Assessment, Preparation and Prevention

Open Ninth - Episode 97
Episode 97
Open Ninth Podcast - Episode 96
Episode 96

Accepting the Challenge

3/24/2020   Download   Transcript   Take survey

Performer, Prosecutor, Public Servant