Open Ninth

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Episode 7 of Open Ninth - What’s Next...Is Happening Now
Episode 7

What’s Next...Is Happening Now


Sam Chon, expert in unified comminucations, shares his vision on the future and challenges of applying technology in the courts.

Episode 6 of Open Ninth - Live Long and Prosper
Episode 6

Live Long and Prosper


Orange County Judge Faye Allen shares with listeners her passion for everything Star Trek.

Episode 5 of Open Ninth - Stuck in the 80's w/DJ Rufus
Episode 5

Stuck in the 80's w/DJ Rufus


Circuit Court Judge Bob LeBlanc discusses his alter ego DJ Rufus with Chief Judge Fred Lauten while stuck in the 80's.

Episode 4 of Open Ninth - Inside the Podcast
Episode 4

Inside the Podcast


A podcast covering a podcast. Chief Judge Lauten discusses "Open Ninth" with the Orlando Sentinel.

Episode 3 of Open Ninth - The Innovation Imperative
Episode 3

The Innovation Imperative


Mark Britton talks about the changing technology landscape facing the judicial system in the 21st century and the "The Innovation Imperative."

Episode 2 of Open Ninth - Climbing Kilimanjaro
Episode 2

Climbing Kilimanjaro


Circuit Court Judge Mark Blechman talks about his experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Episode 1 of Open Ninth - From Havana to Tallahassee
Episode 1

From Havana to Tallahassee


A conversation with the Supreme Court of Florida's Chief Justice Jorge Labarga.