Open Ninth

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Episode 58 of Open Ninth - A Tale of Two Judges
Episode 58

A Tale of Two Judges


A candid conversation with Judges Alvaro and Grosshans

Episode 57 of Open Ninth - The Fi$hkind Forecast
Episode 57

The Fi$hkind Forecast


Dr. Henry Fishkind discusses the economic health of Central Florida

Episode 56 of Open Ninth - Labor Day Special: Before They Were Judges
Episode 56

Labor Day Special: Before They Were Judges


Judges talk about how they made a living before taking the bench.

Episode 55 of Open Ninth - Judges on Film 3:  Criminal Minds
Episode 55

Judges on Film 3: Criminal Minds


“The third sequel almost never makes money!” ~ Judge Robert Egan

Episode 54 of Open Ninth - Combatting Elder Abuse in America
Episode 54

Combatting Elder Abuse in America


A conversation with Bob Blancato, the National Coordinator of the Elder Justice Coalition

Episode 53 of Open Ninth - Going Social
Episode 53

Going Social


Tackling social media with Kristy Dalton

Episode 52 of Open Ninth - Devil in the Grove
Episode 52

History in the Grove


Conversation with Pulitzer Prize winning author Gilbert King

Epsiode 51 of Open Ninth - Suskauer Raises the Bar
Episode 51

Suskauer Raises the Bar


A conversation with Michelle Suskauer, the 70th President of the Florida Bar.

Episode 50 of Open Ninth - AI: Supplement or Supplant?
Episode 50

AI: Supplement or Supplant?


Chief Judge Fred Lauten and Dr. Thomas Clarke explore the impact of artificial intelligence on the judicial system.

Episode 49 of Open Ninth - Right to Release
Episode 49

Right to Release


Judge Lauten and Judge Jenifer Harris walk us through the evolution of the bond system.