Open Ninth

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Episode 50

AI: Supplement or Supplant?


Chief Judge Fred Lauten and Dr. Thomas Clarke explore the real and potential impact of artificial intelligence and data science on the judicial system

Episode 49

Right to Release


Judge Lauten and Ninth Circuit Judge Jenifer Harris walk us through this evolution of the bond system.

Episode 48

#JustServe: Partners in Service


Chief Judge Lauten and Clerk Russell discuss shared initiatives that better serve the Citizens of Orange County.

Episode 47

#JustServe: An Attorney’s View


Mayanne Downs closes Juror Appreciation Week by sharing her experience of serving as a juror in the Ninth Circuit.

Episode 46

Analyze This


Judge Diana Tennis shares the experience of her transition from TV legal analyst to Circuit Judge

Episode 45

Negotiation + Mediation = Resolution


Lawrence Kolin shares his expertise in discussing the importance of mediation to the judicial process.

Episode 44

Designed to Inspire


Courthouse architect Michael Leboeuf shares his thoughts on past, current and future trends in courthouse design.

Episode 43

Love, Jewett Style


Special Valentine's Day Episode with the Judges Jewett

Episode 42

Part 3: The Shooter, The Victims, The Aftermath


Prior to January 10, 1984, life at the Orange County Courthouse was very relaxed. After that fateful day, security became a top priority.

Episode 41

Part 2: The Shooter, The Victims, The Aftermath


On January 10, 1984, a lone gunman walked into the Orange County Courthouse. The events that followed changed lives and the Ninth Circuit forever.