Open Ninth

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.

Episode 38

2017 State of the Courts


Chief Judge Frederick Lauten and Administrative Judges Julie O'Kane and Patricia Doherty discuss the year in review and the "State of the Courts."

Episode 37

Grasshopper, Let Me Learn You Something


Judge Tanya Davis Wilson shares heartfelt memories of the mentoring she received from Judge Scott Polodna, who passed away last year.

Episode 36

Judges on Film: Part 2


The Ninth Circuit's designated movie critics, Judges Lauten, Marques, and Egan, review a few of the most popular all-time legal movies - Part 2

Episode 35

Changing One Life at a Time


Elena and Paul stopped by to speak with Chief Judge Lauten about their journey as foster care parents and, now, adoptive parents.

Episode 34

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic: Part 2


Recovering addict Jessica Finn talks with Chief Judge Frederick J. Lauten about her inspiring story of tradgey, addiction and triumph.

Episode 33

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic: Part 1


Chief Judge Lauten speaks with Shannon Robinson about her work with Aspire Health Partners and her part in fighting the growing opioid epidemic.

Episode 32

A Long Jump to the Bench


Judge O'Brien shares her experience as an elite collegiate athlete and on being one of the youngest Judges to be appointed in Florida.

Episode 31

The Bar is Still Open


Liz McCausland shares her experiences as a sole pratcitioner and her vision as the President of the Orange County Bar Association.

Episode 30

Channel 9th: Severe Weather


Chief Judge Lauten and WFTV 9 (ABC) Chief Meteorologist Tom Terry discuss hurricanes and their potential impact on Central Florida.

Episode 29

My Name is Intern


Star Interns, Lauren Edmonds and Kingman Keating, discuss their experiences working for the Ninth Circuit before heading back to campus.