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Appellate Opinion Search

Perea vs Almeyda

Young vs State of Florida

Smith vs City of Winter Park

Lacombe vs DHSMV

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Equity Auto Finance vs Miller

Orange County vs Ortiz

Smith vs Nunez

Mounce vs Orange County

Ford Motor Credit vs Burman

Still vs MPK Investments

Glass vs State of Florida

American Express vs Coley

State of Florida vs Atiles

Al-Farwan vs City of Orlando

Andrews vs State of Florida

Josefsberg vs DHSMV

Kreda vs DHSMV

Harwood vs DHSMV

Morgan vs DHSMV

Ward vs DHSMV

Stodart vs DHSMV

Johnson vs DHSMV

Gast vs State of Florida

Simmons vs DHSMV

Orange County Sheriff vs State of Florida

Foster vs DHSMV

Caudle vs DHSMV

Britto and Cardenas vs Orange County

McAllister vs DHSMV