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Episode 4 of Open Ninth - Inside the Podcast

What do you say when a news reporter requests to interview you? Well, say yes and then flip the script.

“Inside the Podcast” features a two-way conversation between Orlando Sentinel reporter Elyssa Cherney and Chief Judge Frederick J. Lauten, wherein each takes their turn at moderating. Elyssa talks about her life journey, growing up in a Midwestern town and then covering the local courts on behalf of a well-established newspaper. Judge Lauten highlights some of the challenges and rewards of developing a court podcast. Their exchange is dynamic and informative.

Elyssa Cherney graduated summa cum laude from Northwestern University. After a brief stint in the Orlando Sentinel’s Lake County bureau, she was tasked with covering a larger market – the Ninth Circuit Court beat. She utilizes a blend of meticulous reporting and youthful insightfulness to “unpackage” difficult legal concepts to everyday readers.

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Frederick J. Lauten


Elyssa Cherney

Orlando Sentinel Reporter

Elyssa covers the Court in Orange County. A Chicago-area native, she graduated magna cumme laude from Northwestern University's School of Journalism.