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The Fi$hkind Forecast

Dr. Henry Fishkind discusses the economic health of Central Florida

Episode 57 of Open Ninth - The Fi$hkind Forecast

It is often said that the health of a nation is equal to the wealth of a nation. And the scores of fiscal agencies and economists dedicated to studying every available financial detail only serve to lend veracity to that statement. So when the Open Ninth wanted to get a feel for the financial pulse of Central Florida, we needed look no further than economist Dr. Henry Fishkind. Listen in as our host, Chief Judge Fred Lauten, and Dr. Fishkind examine the local economy and explore the impact of the area’s financial health on our communities.

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In this episode

Frederick J. Lauten

Podcast Moderator

Judge Lauten is currently the Chief Judge for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. He has served as a Judge since 1993.

Dr. Henry H. Fishkind

Economist and Financial Advisor

With over 30 years of experience in economic analysis and forecasting, Dr. Henry Fishkind is widely regard as one of Florida’s premiere economists.