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Leslie Santiago Named Employee of the Quarter

Court Administration has named Leslie Santiago, Osceola County Jury Services Assistant, as the Employee of the Quarter. Leslie did an amazing job of covering the duties of the Osceola County Jury Services Department while her manager and colleague were both out on maternity leave for a couple of months.

Leslie has been with the Ninth Circuit since July 2011. She was hired as a Jury Services Assistant and spent almost three years working in Orange County. She transferred to the Osceola County Jury Services Department in 2013 to be closer to her home.

Leslie consistently comes to work with a professional, helpful attitude and with excellent customer service. Over the past few months, Leslie had to operate the jury services office with assistance from staff who were helping from other departments. Leslie was very appreciative of the help she was receiving. And since she did not want to burden other departments, she would often tell staff that she would handle the bulk of the workload by herself. As a result, Leslie had to take on many additional responsibilities and did so willingly and without complaint. She has truly gone the “extra mile.”

We sincerely appreciate the significant contributions Leslie has made to the Ninth Circuit. She is a hard-working employee who takes her work very seriously. She cares about what she does and it shows.