Jury Duty

Term of Service

When summoned for jury service, you will appear for the length of one trial or one day. The majority of jurors complete their service in one day. If selected to serve on a trial, the length of service is generally three days. We reserve the right to have jurors "on call"

Failure to Appear

Failure to comply as directed can result in a fine or contempt of court. Chapter 40, Florida Statutes.


You will be compensated $15.00 per day for the first three days of service if you are unemployed or your employer does not pay you your regular wage. If your employer pays you your regular wage, you will not be compensated for the first three days of service. On the fourth day and beyond, all jurors receive $30.00 per day compensation. Sorry, but there is no reimbursement for mileage.

Employer Information

In Orange & Osceola Counties, the term of jury service is one day or the length of one trial. Jurors are expected to report for service on their assigned date.

If an individual is a member or an alternate member of a jury panel, his or her term of service will end when the trial reaches a verdict or the deliberation stage is concluded. If an individual is not selected for a case or in voir dire proceedings by the end of the day then his/her service will have been concluded. A form certifying the number of days a juror performed jury service will be furnished to the juror upon request. State law does not require employers to compensate employees who are absent because of jury service. Many employers do, however, have jury-leave policies that provide compensation to employees for the time they are needed at court for jury service. It is important to note that employers may not take any punitive action against an employee while they are summoned to serve as a juror.