Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination is a conflict resolution process especially designed for high-conflict couples and their children.  The Parenting Coordinator (hereafter referred to as “the PC”) is a highly skilled, experienced professional who either has a Master’s degree in social work, counseling or some other helping profession, or is an attorney in good standing with the Florida Bar.  All PC’s are Supreme Court Certified Family Mediators.

Role of The Parenting Coordinator

The Parenting Coordinator has many roles, but, first and foremost, he or she will assist parents in implementing their parenting plan or, if they do not have one, help them create one.  The PC facilitates conflict resolution, provides education in parenting skills, communication skills, the adverse effects of stress and conflict on children, and holds the parents accountable for their actions.


After receiving a referral to the Parenting Coordination program, a PC is assigned by the supervisor of the program, and the PC schedules an initial two-hour session with each parent separately.  The PC or the parties determine subsequent meetings on an as-needed basis.  They can also stay in touch by email and by telephone.  Clients must keep the PC informed of any hearings or instances of domestic violence, Department of Children and Family Services or police involvement.

Child Care

If you need child care services so that you can meet with your PC, contact A Place for Children, located in the Orange County Courthouse, Room 270. Child care is free for families with official court business.
Call 407-836-2108 for more information.


As stated in the Order Appointing a Parenting Coordinator, the cost of your initial two-hour session is $160.00, to be paid at the beginning of the session, by cash or money order.  Subsequent sessions, emails, phone calls, faxes, and text messages, are $80 an hour. PC attendance at court hearings, though rare, costs $160 an hour, to be paid, in advance, by the parent requesting or causing a hearing to be necessary.  Only if both parents are in attendance at a session or a court hearing which the PC has requested can the fees be split 50-50, or as otherwise apportioned by the Court or the PC.  All charges for an “emergency” situation or a problem caused by one of the parties will be paid by the “offending” party.