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Open Ninth

Conversations Beyond the Courtroom.
Open Ninth Episode 125 Podcast Guest - Jane Rosenberg
Episode 125
Open Ninth Episode 124 Podcast Guest - Amanda Dukes
Episode 124
Open Ninth Episode 123 - Podcast Guest - Circuit Judge Vincent Falcone III
Episode 123

Taking the Bench

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The Honorable Vincent Falcone

Open Ninth Episode 122 - Looking Through Serial's Lens
Episode 122
Open Ninth Episode 121
Episode 121
Open Ninth Episode 120
Episode 120

A Legacy of Fairness

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Remembering the Honorable Jon B. Morgan

Open Ninth Podcast - Episode 119
Episode 119

Love Beamer Style

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A special Valentine’s Day episode

Open Ninth - Episode 118
Episode 118

Answering the Call

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From Attorney to Florida Supreme Court Justice

Open Ninth Podcast - Episode 117
Episode 117

Justice for All

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Addressing Racial Inequity in the Courts

Open Ninth Podcast - Episode 116
Episode 116