Chief Judge Myers Hosts Strategic Planning Sessions

  • Chief Judge Myers Hosts Strategic Planning Sessions

Chief Judge Don Myers hosted five different strategic sessions at the Ninth Judicial Circuit so to ensure that each of the over 200 employees could attend. During these sessions, he reminded employees about the reasons for the court's existence, and how the court aimed to achieve through its mission and vision.

The Circuit’s mission is to “protect rights and liberties, uphold and interpret the law, and provide for the peaceful resolution of disputes." Its vision is that "justice in the Ninth Judicial Circuit will be accessible, fair, effective, responsive, and accountable."

The goal of these strategic sessions was to help court employees understand how they fit into the big picture. He emphasized that each employee was vital in supporting one or more of the five pillars of the Ninth's vision and helped them tie in what they do with one of the vision’s five pillars.

The Ninth Circuit's hope is that these strategic sessions allowed employees to gain a greater appreciation for the important role that they play in ensuring the fair administration of justice.