If you are submitting an Agreed Case Management Plan on a case filed on or before 4/29/2021, please use the Agreed Upon Case Management Plan document type in the e-filing portal. The Standing Order document types are only for cases filed on or after 4/30/21.

In response to the directive of the Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order 20-23, (Amendment 12), the Ninth Judicial Circuit established the Court’s active, differentiated Case Management program effective April 30, 2021. The Case Management program, Ninth Judicial Circuit Administrative Order No. 2021-04-01, outlines the process for determining whether a case requires a Case Management Plan and Order and, if so, the timeline and form of order required. 


Complex civil cases are actions that have been or may be designated by court order as complex under Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.201. Upon such designation, the action shall proceed as provided in the rule. In Orange county, this includes all cases assigned to the Business Court division.


Circuit Court: Ch. 718, Condominium Association Lawsuit, Any Constitutional Challenge, Distress, Replevin, Any Foreclosure, and Any Other Real Property Actions

County Court: Other Civil – Non Monetary, Any Replevin, Any Foreclosure, Personal Injury Protection (and other first party insurance claims), and Small Claims (if the rules of civil procedure have been invoked).


All civil cases other than complex and streamlined cases.