Guardianship Monitor

The Guardianship Monitor Program was established in Orange County to ensure that all court-appointed guardians comply with Florida guardianship law by meeting filing deadlines and providing the appropriate level of personal and/or financial care to their wards.

The Court currently employs one full-time Court Monitor for this purpose. The Court Monitor investigates allegations of abuse, neglect and/or exploitation of elderly wards or the misappropriation of wards’ assets. If a member of the community suspects that a disabled or incapacitated person may be or has been mistreated or fear that that person’s assets may be or have been misappropriated, he or she may make a report by calling the Guardianship Action-Line at 407-836-0503. The individual need not provide his or her name nor identify him or herself in any way; all that is needed is enough information to locate the person in need of protection.