Family Court Case Management

The primary function of the Family Court Case Management (FCCM) Department is to provide non-legal assistance to "pro se" parties who have filed for a divorce or a name change and to case manage those particular cases. Pursuant to Administrative Order 07-94-53, "pro se" petitioners in divorce and name change cases are required to have their initial paperwork stamped by the FCCM prior to filing with the Domestic Clerk's office. After filing, the case is assigned to a Court Specialists, who then is available to assist the petitioner to the conclusion of his\her case. To promote uniformity of forms and procedures and public access, FCCM created Divorce, Adult Name Change and Modification of Orange County Child Support Packets. These packets are sold at a nominal cost through the Domestic Clerk's Office.

If you are filing for divorce or an adult name change in Orange County and intend to represent yourself, you will need to have your initial paperwork stamped by the FCCM prior to filing with the Domestic's Clerk Office. After you file, the FCCM is available to answer procedural questions that you may have. Also, if your case is uncontested, the FCCM will review your case to determine if it is ready for a final hearing. If your case is ready, the FCCM will schedule your final hearing.