Children’s Visitation Center

Mission Statement

The Children’s Visitation Center is a Court Program whose purpose is to allow child-parent contact in a friendly environment with assurance of child safety during a contested Court case.

Program Overview

The Children’s Visitation Center opened its doors for the first visits on February 27, 1999. The visitation center allows children to bond with their parents in a safe environment. When an injunction is granted and the visitation center is Ordered, the Petitioner and Respondent must attend a Court Ordered orientation (separate from each other). The visits are two hours every other week and each family is monitored by an observer who listens to all conversations between the parent and child. To ensure a safe atmosphere, an Osceola County Sheriff’s Deputy is present at all times during visitation center operating hours. The Children’s Visitation Center for Families with Domestic Violence Injunctions is a cooperative effort between the Ninth Judicial Circuit, Osceola County Government, Osceola County Sheriff’s Department and Osceola County Schools.

Visitation Center Policies

  • To be present in Court during all Domestic Violence Injunctions
  • To schedule Court Ordered orientations for Petitioners and Respondents
  • To provide informational orientations for Petitioners and Respondents
  • To conduct successful supervised visits for children with their non-residential parent
  • To conduct successful monitored exchanges for children with their non-residential parent
  • To provide presiding Judge with written reports concerning supervised visits, day visits, monitored exchange weekends and home visits.
  • To provide status reports to presiding Judge when necessary
  • To report to presiding Judge status of visits during Injunction reviews
  • To record receipt of visitation fees
  • To complete monthly and quarterly reports
  • To co-operate with the Victim’s Assistance Program and the Domestic Violence Case Manager to protect the best interests of the children