Drug Courts utilize a multidisciplinary team approach to treat eligible and appropriate drug addicted people involved in the criminal justice system.  The Court provides review and oversight with swift and effective consequences for violation of program rules as well as incentives and rewards for compliance. Treatment follows a graduated model with constant drug testing and monitoring. Although consequences such as detention may occur, the focus and goal remains to modify behavior in order to eliminate the cycle of substance abuse and recurring crime. Please contact one of our offices for more information about specific program eligibility and participation requirements or look up our various Administrative Orders under Research, Administrative Orders.

Orange and Osceola counties each operate an Adult and Juvenile Delinquency Drug Court Program.  Orange County also operates a Family Dependency Drug Court Program.

Delinquency Drug Court

Drug Court is a special docket to which selected delinquency cases are referred for handling by a designated Judge when the behavior is exacerbated by substance abuse. The Adult Drug Court Judge maintains close oversight of each case involved. This program represents a court initiative which establishes interagency cooperation focused on developing a judicial-led treatment based program for substance-abusing offenders.

Adult Dependency Drug Court

The Ninth Judicial Circuit Court, Adult Division, operates a Dependency Drug Court. It has been determined that a contributing factor in 80 percent of dependency cases is alcohol and drug use by one or both of the children’s parents. Dependency drug courts serve as one approach to addressing the problems through monitoring progress and compliance. The goal being the reunification of the family. The Judge ultimately determines eligibility and refers the parent to the project. The Judge establishes a rehabilitative relationship with the parent through interaction during court appearances.

Adult Drug Court provides: early identification and placement of eligible participants in the drug court program; identification of risk factors; access to a continuum of alcohol, drug and related treatment and rehabilitation services; monitoring of abstinence by frequent alcohol and other drug testing; a coordinated strategy to govern drug court responses to participants’ compliance; ongoing judicial interaction with each participant; monitoring and evaluation to measure the program goal achievement and effectiveness; continuing interdisciplinary education to promote effective planning, implementation and operations; and forging partnerships amongst drug courts, public agencies and community based organizations in order to generate local support and enhance drug court program effectiveness.

Adult Criminal Drug Court

Drug Court is a diversionary program created to address the issue of first time felony drug offenders. The program provides for the identification, evaluation, case management and placement of substance abusing offenders in order to avoid entering the formal criminal justice system. The Drug Court Judge reviews progress reports on each participant. Incidents of noncompliance are reported immediately to the Drug Court Judge, along with recommendations as to consequences to be imposed.