Ninth Circuit Launches Innovative Podcast

The Ninth Judicial Circuit Court, under the direction of Chief Judge Frederick J. Lauten, will be launching a podcast titled Open Ninth later today. The podcast, the first of its kind among state courts in Florida, will spotlight Chief Justice Jorge Labarga in its inaugural episode.

Justice Labarga has been a strong proponent of Florida’s Court Communication Plan, which actively encourages state courts to utilize technology and social media to communicate effectively with its citizens. As part of the Circuit’s efforts to expand community outreach and education efforts, the Ninth Circuit started a Facebook page about a year ago. To date, it has over 1,310 likes.

Open Ninth’s first podcast, titled “From Havana to Tallahassee,” details the fascinating life of the Chief Justice. Born in Havana in 1952, Justice Labarga is not only the first Cuban-American to hold this revered office, but he is also the first justice since 1865 to be reelected by his peers to a consecutive term.  

Members of the public can access Open Ninth at or through the Court's website at www.www.NinthCircuit.Org, the Court’s YouTube or Vimeo channels, or by iTunes subscription. 

For additional information, please contact Julio Semino at or 407-836-0403.